Holly Sleep Tightly

hollygolightly Holly Sleep Tightly

hollygolightly2 Holly Sleep TightlyYou don’t need La Perla pajamas to sleep in style. Get some shut-eye in this darling sleep mask inspired by Miss Holly Golightly. Sweet dreams are made of this.

Available at FredFlare.com.

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2 Responses to Holly Sleep Tightly

  1. Miss Elle

    I’ve been looking EVERYWHERE for a sleep mask! I love that one for the reference, but I don’t know that I’d actually use it, you know?

    But it’s adorable!


  2. niki

    i watched this Breakfast At Tiffany’s just last night. I adore this movie, since I was 14. Favorite movie of all time. Audrey was the EPITOME of class. She’s my style icon. LOOOOOOOOOVE.