Biel Goes Blonde

jessbiel Biel Goes Blonde
Earlier today, the paparazzi snapped this photo of Jessica Biel – and her new flaxen do – at London’s Heathrow airport. In just the last hour or so, this pic has been popping up all over the Internet – and everyone’s weighing in on whether her haircolor is a hit or miss. But what baffles me is that no one has commented on her swollen upper lip – that sucker is huge!

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2 Responses to Biel Goes Blonde

  1. Bionic Beauty

    Hmmm… definitely different. She’d have a hard time looking bad in any hair color in my opinion. But I do like her darker hair better with her skin tone. Here she looks very monotone.

    What the heck happened to her lip?!?

  2. makeup loves me

    yikes! this is what i looked like when i went blonde, not good…