This Is What Crazy Sounds Like

group 01 This Is What Crazy Sounds Like
Does anyone watch Bad Girls Club on Oxygen? It’s not really a show that I watch…I admit that I’ve seen a few episodes, but it’s never on purpose.

Anyway, the show is about a group of self-confessed ‘bad girls’ who live, Real World style, in this mansion in LA. They don’t have any responsibilities, but there’s plenty of attitude – and even more alcohol. They spend most of their time disrespecting one another, and wrecking sh*t. And hilarity ensues.

In this video, Tanisha exacts revenge on her roommates because their partying kept her awake all night. Watch and be amazed.

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3 Responses to This Is What Crazy Sounds Like

  1. Laura @ Laura Williams' Musings

    LOL! That’s one way to get them up.

  2. Cele

    O.M.G. That’s frickin’ hilarious. I may have to add Bad Girls Club to my list of guilty pleasures…

  3. Miss Elle

    Oh my gosh, Daneen… I was JUST THINKING about how much I wish Taneisha would COOL IT yesterday! She gets angry about EVERYTHING!

    Sooo scary/funny/fabulous.