You Are Now Cleared For Boarding

I’ve always secretly envied those chic women who don’t check bags. While I’m trudging through the airport, dragging luggage that’s bursting at the seams, these low-maintenance ladies breezily float past me, clutching the cutest carryons.

I always find myself marveling at how they manage to fit all of their beauty essentials in such a small bag. And with the current TSA regulations, where are they finding all of their personal care products in three-ounce-or-less sizes?

Well, I think I’ve found the answer to this conundrum – and hit the motherload at the same time. Grab a pen, ladies, and take copious notes. is the secret to packing light. They offer several hundred travel-size items in stock. Their inventory list continues to grow, with the help of customers’ input – and their products are out of this world (some have even gone up to the International Space Station)!

Spoiled Pretty Tip: Minimus has a blog where they post about their products, coupon codes, and stories/photos submitted from customers.

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  1. n
    January 17, 2008 at 4:50 PM (8 years ago)

    That sounds too familiar! 2 weeks ago, I tried to take a carry on instead of checking my little suitcase. And after I arrived at my destination, I couldnt feel my right shoulder because I had to drag and lift my 9 kg (19 lbs) carry on suitcase. So on the way back I just checked it. Thanks for the link, its great. also has travel size products. What I did was I bought little empty containers for lotions/ lens solution/ perfume and used those.