Fafi Contest Winner Revealed

Fafi Amb01 s Fafi Contest Winner RevealedGood Monday, beauties. I know you’re anxious for me to announce the winner of the Fafi Giveaway. I stayed up late last night so that you could enjoy the Oscars Red Carpet recap with your morning cup of caffeine; which means I’m exhausted, and all out of clever things to write. So I’m just going to get to it.

Congratulations to Kelly Skahan!

She is the winner of $175 worth of cosmetics from MAC’s newest color collection, Fafi! Yay for Kelly!!!

I know what you’re thinking (if your name isn’t Kelly Skahan). You’re thinking, “What about me? I wanted me some Fafi. When is it my turn?”

I realize that many of you were really looking forward to this one. But unfortunately, I only had so many products to give away. Trust me, I love giving away these prizes as much as you love winning them – so don’t get discouraged. I’m on a roll, y’all. And I’m going to keep the contests coming so that everyone has a chance to be a winner. And in between the contests, I’ll try to squeeze in some actual beauty reviews and articles.

Check back later today, when I announce your next chance to get Spoiled Pretty. Until then…

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  1. Christie

    Congrats Kelly!