Fashion Week: Carmen Marc Valvo Fall 2008

This past Friday, I returned to New York for another dose of Fashion Week. I just couldn’t stay away. This time, I got the skinny on Carmen Marc Valvo’s Fall 2008 Ready To Wear collection.

fw2+002 Fashion Week: Carmen Marc Valvo Fall 2008I spoke to Lead Makeup Artist, Tom Pecheux, about his inspiration for the makeup look. He told me he was inspired by the collection, which was based on lingerie. “There is a sensuality about the collection, so I didn’t want to go too sexy for the makeup – or else it might look too boudoir,” he said. “Emphasis on a strong, perfect mouth keeps it couture.”

Foundation was natural and matte, eyes were defined with a simple swipe of mascara, and models wore no blush. Pecheux explained, “The essence of the look is ‘sophisticated woman with a touch of masculinity.’”

The vibrant lip was achieved by lining the mouth and filling in lips with MAC Magenta Lip Pencil. The finishing touch was a dab of MAC Russian Red Lipstick in the center of lips. It was a sporty, modern take on the classic red mouth.

My BFF Victor was there, and he offered a little insight to trends for Fall. “Fall 2008 will be a big lip season. You’re going to see an emphasis on technically astute lips. We’re moving away from women haphazardly swiping at their mouths with a tube of lipstick. Women are going to have to wake up a couple minutes early to replicate this look. And for all of those ladies who have misplaced their lip pencils, it’s time to go out and purchase a new one.”

fw2+014 Fashion Week: Carmen Marc Valvo Fall 2008Models’ hair was smoothed into a sleek low ponytail and separated into two sections. Each piece was braided; then the two plaits were intertwined and pinned at the nape of the neck. To finish off the look, stylists applied a generous helping of Redken Hardwear 16 Super Strong Gel – for a glass-like effect.

CND artists were also on hand (pun intended), painting models’ nails in Clearly Pink, a creamy neutral that compliments all skin tones.

fw2+033 Fashion Week: Carmen Marc Valvo Fall 2008
Lead Makeup Artist Tom Pecheux strikes a pose

fw2+003 Fashion Week: Carmen Marc Valvo Fall 2008
MAC Senior Makeup Artist Nadine Luke lines model’s mouth in Magenta

fw2+029 Fashion Week: Carmen Marc Valvo Fall 2008
Victor doing his thang

fw2+023 Fashion Week: Carmen Marc Valvo Fall 2008
A model shows off the finished look

fw2+024 Fashion Week: Carmen Marc Valvo Fall 2008
CND artists make sure models’ nails are perfectly polished

 Fashion Week: Carmen Marc Valvo Fall 2008

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