Last Saturday, after leaving the Lancome Boutique, I headed to NoHo for a soiree sponsored by MAC at Indochine. All of the usual suspects (Julia, Erica, Marina, and Amber) were in attendance, as well as many other familiar faces – shout out to Elke, Michelle, Jennifer, Shannon, Lianne, Christine, Christina, and Teri.

I made some new friends in Dina, Henna, Annie, and Tamar. And I finally got to meet my fairy godmother, Heather from MAC, who I have to thank for my amazing fashion week opportunity.

The menu at Indochine is French-Vietnamese; so like the night before at Koi, we had to use chopsticks. Except this time, they didn’t have any of those rubber ‘chopsticks for dummies’ things to help me better grip my food…so it was quite interesting to watch me eat. The food was absolutely delish, though I probably would have eaten more had I been more competent with the utensils.

Amber was cracking me up all night with her one-liners, and we bonded over our mutual love for WaWa. Don’t know about WaWa? You better ask somebody.

I also had the pleasure of meeting Victor, Senior Artist for MAC Pro. He’s based in San Francisco, but was in town to work his magic at several runway shows. Once word got out that Victor is also Missy Elliot’s makeup artist, we had him surrounded. Julia quizzed him on Missy’s lip look. Amber inquired about smoky eye techniques. I asked Victor how to play up my eyes for everyday – and he drew me the cutest sketch on my notepad with MAC color recommendations (see, above left). I adore Victor…he’s my new BFF, he just doesn’t know it yet. I think I’m going to buy matching friendship lockets and send one to him.

Me, Victor, and Marina

Amber and Dina

Julia, Heather, and Elke

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