So after meeting with Samara, but before the MAC dinner at Indochine, I made a pit stop at the Lancôme Boutique on the Upper West Side for an evening of fashion and beauty. Julia, Marina, Amber, Erika, and I sipped on mocktails, picked up copies of Violet by Design, and got our hands on the limited-edition (but not yet released) Christopher Kane Juicy Tubes. Amber picked up a tube of the Tokyo Plum Blossom gloss, while Julia couldn’t decide to wear, smell, or eat the butterscotch scented/flavored Grand Café Crème Brulee.

My favorite part of the event was the opportunity to meet Kerry Diamond, Vice President of Global Communications at Lancôme (she is the former Beauty Editor of Harper’s Bazaar). I talked with her for at least ten minutes – and she was absolutely delightful.

We vowed to warn younger generations against plucking their eyebrows, and chatted about the plight of the nearsighted. While on the topic of contact lenses/glasses/Lasik surgery, Kerry told Amber and me the cutest/funniest story. Not too long ago, she fell asleep without removing her contacts – which she says she never does. The next morning when she woke up, she turned to look at the alarm clock and was shocked by how clearly she could read the time. She said that, for about 45 seconds, she thought it was a miracle and that her eyesight had been restored. How hilarious is that? I enjoyed talking to Kerry so much; I was a little in awe of her, to be quite honest. She’s so chic and successful, but completely unpretentious and personable!

Erika and Kerry Diamond

Me and Lancôme Spokesmodel Selena Breed

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