“Marbleizing of three colours – inky blue, rich burgundy and intense purple. Dramatic, but poetic at the same time. The look is a Lolita Lempika painting mixed with a Deborah Turbeville photograph.”
Val Garland – Key Artist

MAC Face and Body Foundation was used to prep the skin, followed by Bamboo Crème Colour Base brushed with MAC Brush 188 to lightly shade the cheeks.

MAC Smolder Eye Pencil was applied to bottom lash line, as well as inside the water line of the eye. Indigo Eye Pencil was used as a base on the inner and outer corners of the lid, blended up from lash line to brow. Using 239 and 224 Brushes, Blue Pigment was layered on top. MAC Plumed Violet Crème Colour Base was applied to the centre of lid with Brush 272, followed by Violet Pigment layered on top with a 239 Brush. Reflects Blue Pigment was applied to the inner and outer corners of the lid to intensify the colour. Night Moth Eye Pencil was applied to the bottom lash line and blended out with a 239 Brush. Beauty Marked Eye Shadow was pressed into the Night Moth with a 239 Brush to define the eye.

MAC Night Moth Lip Pencil was applied to the lips and blended with Brush 318.

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1 Comment on MAC First Look: Monique Lhuillier

  1. Miss Elle
    February 18, 2008 at 8:42 AM (10 years ago)

    Those eyes are SO INTENSE! I wish people could get away with those eyes in the city – just walking down the street, you know? Dinner eyes… Maybe I’ll try it next week!