Spoiled Pretty At New York Fashion Week!

fw+badge Spoiled Pretty At New York Fashion Week!
OMG! I’ve just returned from the most beauty-full weekend in NYC*. As you are probably aware, Spoiled Pretty is an official i-Correspondent for Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week. I am completely exhausted, but I couldn’t wait another day to bring you all of the salacious details of my adventure.

Wanna be at the forefront of beauty trends, products, and style? Stay tuned to Spoiled Pretty – because I will be taking you behind the scenes and offering a glimpse at what’s hot for Fall 2008.

I would be remiss if I didn’t thank TotalBeauty.com for affording me this amazing opportunity. So thank you to all of the Total Beauty beauties for working so hard to make this impossible dream a reality!

*I will be returning to the Big Apple later this week for a second helping of Fashion Week.

 Spoiled Pretty At New York Fashion Week!

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2 Responses to Spoiled Pretty At New York Fashion Week!

  1. Nevin

    Hey Daneen…can’t wait to read about what you’ve seen so far….I actually saw a picture of you with some other beauty bloggers on a different site…it looks like everyone was having a great time. Hope the rest of your experience will be great!

  2. Daneen :)

    I wish I could bring you the 411 quicker. I just returned from NYC yesterday, then I had some computer issues, and now I’m off to Dallas for a business trip. But trust me…the details and photos are worth the wait. Thanks for stopping by!