Deseo Contest Winners

deseo2 Deseo Contest Winners
I will be traveling today and tomorrow. So unfortunately, I won’t be posting as frequently as I’d like. But I couldn’t leave without announcing the lucky winners of the Deseo Giveaway

Congratulations to Huguette English, Paula Wade, Sheena Brooke Rodgers, Mary Balandiat, and Kam Atwal. Each of them has won the Deseo Eau de Parfum spray and Desirable Body Lotion.

I’d like to thank Coty for sponsoring the contest. And merci to everyone who entered.

While I’m away, be sure to enter the Greatest Giveaway – if you haven’t already. And stay tuned for my next contest announcement. You know I keep ‘em coming.

And if you get impatient or bored, feel free to browse my blog. Even if you’re a regular visitor, I bet you haven’t read all 558 of my posts.


Daneen icon smile Deseo Contest Winners

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2 Responses to Deseo Contest Winners

  1. Anonymous

    Thank you so much Daneen!! I can’t believe I won:))) Look forward to more posts once your back- take care! Kam

  2. Older

    Yay! Paula here and I am so excited to win this. I have been anxious to have a new spring scent to try. Thanks so much for the giveaway. :)