Urban Decay Brow Box Eyebrow Kit

My eyebrows have been looking seriously jacked lately. That’s what happens when you don’t touch them in over three months.

Yes, I’m aware that eyebrows frame the face. And I know that they’rethe cornerstone of a polished look. I know, I know. But the truth is that – as much as I talk a good game on this blog – eyebrows make me nervous.

I’m afraid of plucking. I don’t dare think of waxing myself. And everytime I fill them in, I end up looking a bit like Joan Crawford on a good day – and Groucho Marx (minus the moustache) on a bad one. So usually, I just leave it to the professionals. That is, until Urban Decay invented the .

This is the definitive brow kit. I’m not exaggerating. Amazingly, Urban Decay somehow managed to fit two shades of brow color, mini tweezers, a mini angled brush, and brow wax into a pretty, palm-sized kit. And it’s one of those rare products that’s so super easy to use, it goes on flawlessly – and you look like a pro. Love it!

You need to go get this kit, ladies…You know you want this kit…Oh, just go get the kit already.

Available at and Sephora.

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