Do You Like My New Do?

Do you rememer that 80′s song, Working For The Weekend by the band Loverboy? If you don’t, consider yourself lucky. Anyways…while most of you are quickly winding up the work week so that you can get started on your weekend festivities, I will be working this weekend. At least, some of it.

daneens+new+do Do You Like My New Do?So before I embark on my business trip, I just wanted to share my new haircut with all of you pretties. What do you think? I think Erik did a fantastic job! I haven’t loved my hair this much since my wedding last summer – and most of that wasn’t even my real hair!

Talk to you again soon.

Daneen icon smile Do You Like My New Do?

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11 Responses to Do You Like My New Do?

  1. Jennifer

    Hey Daneen!
    Love the new do with the side swept bangs. Gorgeous! : )

  2. makeup loves me

    love it, beautiful!

  3. Samara

    Love it! I might have to come visit and go to your hair stylist.

  4. monique

    it looks great! i love it… :)

  5. Dominican Enigma

    Very pretty. I’m thinking about cutting mine too.

  6. K.Cleaver

    I really like it! Love the sweep of your bangs. I just remembered I need a haircut too.

  7. windycindy

    Happy Friday! Yes, I do like your new do. It really looks great. Enjoy your weekend! Cindi

  8. ladyorchid

    The cut highlites your cheekbones. Very lovely!!!

  9. yummy411

    great hair cut!! nothing makes a woman feel her best than a great hair cut.. wait a good bra and fabulous lipstick may do, but an excellent cut is at the top of the charts LOL!

  10. yummy411

    i posted a comment but it didn’t show up…. either way great haircut daneen!

  11. Fabulista

    Love the new ‘do, Daneen! Can’t wait to see it up close and personal in LA!!!