A few weeks ago during a restroom break at work, I noticed a cup on the counter by the sink. And in said cup was a toothbrush. What the bleep?!?! Grossness.

I used to have aspirations to become a pediatric dentist/orthodontist (long story), so I can appreciate a passion for dental care. But treating a public lavatory like your personal bathroom is taking it to the extreme. Plus, in my opinion, leaving your toothbrush unattended in a public place is incredibly naïve…I mean, haven’t they heard about the Big Brother episode where the vindictive girl cleans the toilet with her rival’s toothbrush? I’ve never even seen that show, but I’ve heard about that eppy a million times.

For those of you who are looking for minty freshness on the go, I’ve found the perfect product for you. DentaBurst teeth cleaners are better than gum because they remove plaque whilst freshening breath. Just place Dentaburst on your index finger, rub it on your teeth, and enjoy the feeling of a clean mouth. The mint flavor tastes great, and it’s also available in cinnamon.They’re individually wrapped, in packs of twelve – so toss a few in your purse, store some in you car, or stash a couple in your desk drawer at work. I think I might leave some on the bathroom counter of my office restroom, and hope that my dental hygiene-happy colleague takes the hint.

DentaBurst is available in the dental aisle at CVS and Target.

1 Comment on Don’t Risk Leaving Your Toothbrush Unattended…Try DentaBurst

  1. An Indian's makeup musings
    May 10, 2008 at 4:25 PM (10 years ago)

    Awesome find! I have never heard of this…such a great idea!!
    Thanks Girl!