The weather forecast says 88 and sunny, not a cloud in the sky. After an exhaustive search, you’ve found the elusive “perfect” swimsuit. And you’ve picked out a trashy read, with no literary value whatsoever. So you’re ready for the beach, right? Wait. Not to burst your proverbial bubble, but you’re not all set yet.

A trip to the beach requires much more than a cute swimsuit. If you’re planning for a relaxing, idyllic day of surf and sand, you might want to put some serious thought into what you’ll pack in your bag. Because there’s nothing less relaxing than getting to the beach and realizing that you’ve left some important necessities at home.

To ensure that you’re pretty and prepared for your day at the beach, remember to bring along the following must-haves for your beach bag:

* Sunscreen: When selecting a sunscreen product, be sure to read the label before you buy. Experts recommend products with a sun protection factor (SPF) of at least 15. The SPF number represents the level of protection against UVB rays provided by the sunscreen…a higher number means more protection. The two most common (and painful) sunscreen mistakes are using too little and waiting too long to reapply. About 1 ounce of sunscreen (a palmful) should be used to cover the arms, legs, neck and face of the average adult. For best results, most sunscreens must be reapplied at least every 2 hours and even more often if you are swimming or sweating. Products labeled “waterproof” may provide protection for at least 80 minutes even when you are swimming or sweating. Products that are “water resistant” may provide protection for only 40 minutes. And don’t forget your lips, especially if you’re a lipgloss fanatic like me. Many dermatologists say that slathering on glosses can increase your risk of developing skin cancer because shiny nature of the gloss could be making the sun’s UV rays hit harder. So if you’re going to grab for a gloss, make it one with at least SPF 15.

* Wide-brimmed hat: A hat with at least a 2- to 3-inch brim all around is ideal because it protects areas often exposed to the sun, such as the neck, ears, eyes, forehead, nose, and scalp. A baseball cap is also a good choice. A hat not only protects from the sun’s intense rays, it can also cover and tame wind-blown hair.

* Sunglasses: The ideal sunglasses don’t have to be expensive, but they should block 99% to 100% of UVA and UVB radiation. Check the label to be sure they do. Some labels may say, “UV absorption up to 400 nm.” This is the same as 100% UV absorption. Also, labels that say “Meets ANSI UV Requirements” mean the glasses block at least 99% of UV rays. Those labeled “cosmetic” block about 70% of the UV rays. If there is no label, don’t assume the sunglasses provide any protection. Large-framed and wraparound sunglasses are more likely to protect your eyes from light coming in from different angles.

Today is the final day of Spoiled Pretty’s In The Bag Summer Beauty Giveaway Week, and we’re giving away an Envirosax bag filled with treats!

Envirosax bags are lightweight, portable, waterproof, affordable, and stylish! With reinforced seams, each surprisingly large bag can hold at least 40 pounds, and the carrying handle is long enough to comfortably carry over your shoulder. The Flora line of Envirosax bags draws its inspiration from the colors and shapes of pristine Australian rainforests.

The winner’s bag will include:

Secret Flawless Antiperspirant/Deodorant: If you secretly crave strong wetness protection that smells fresh and has skin conditioners, your search is over. New Secret Flawless gives you everything you long for — all in one cutting-edge antiperspirant.

Cover Girl Lash Blast Mascara: Lash Blast’s patented volume-boosting formula and patent-pending brush are designed to max-out each and every lash, leaving you with the ultimate big lash look.

Goody Mosaic Ouchless Purse Brush: The ultimate in snagless styling. This brush is smaller sized – perfect for travel or on the go styling.

Bath & Body Works Body Splash in Blushing Cherry Blossom: Cherry blossoms blended with lighthearted jasmine, rose juliette and crisp citrus capture the romantic first blush of spring. Other notes include mandarin, lush berries, fresh melon, musk, violet, and creamy Sandalwood. Contains naturally pampering aloe vera to leave skin conditioned.

Neutrogena MoistureShine Lip Soothers SPF 20 in Shine, Sheen, and Gleam: Provides instant, soothing relief on contact with beautiful high gloss shine and SPF 20. The unique hydragel formula contains conditioning botanicals and glycerin for intense moisturization. Carry this pocket-portable gloss with you for use whenever you want hydrated, beautiful lips.

Avon Skin-So-Soft Bug Guard: Don’t let bugs and sun spoil your outdoor fun this summer. Protect yourself from both the sun and certain insects with NEW Skin-So-Soft Bug Guard Plus IR3535 Expedition SPF 30. Using patented time-release technology, it creates an invisible barrier of protection to repel against mosquitoes, gnats, no-seeums, sand flies, and biting midges. certain insects. When applied properly, users are shielded with water-resistant SPF 30 sunscreen protection. Bug Guard Plus IR3535 Expedition SPF 30 is available in two versions – an unscented aerosol and a pump spray with a Gentle Breeze™ fragrance. The winner will receive both!

And because I’m feeling especially generous this week, four runners-up will receive an Envirosax Flora bag!

To enter, send an email to Be sure to include your full name. The subject line should read “Envirosax Giveaway.” The contest ends at midnight (EST) on Saturday, July 5th. One winner and four runners-up will be chosen at random from among the entrants. On Sunday, July 6th, I’ll announce the winners names. Please, only one entry per person; duplicate entries will not increase your chances of winning. Contest is open to U.S. & Canadian residents only.

And be sure to check out the other bag giveaways. You can enter all of the giveaways, but you can only win once. Good luck!

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  1. boobles2
    June 30, 2008 at 7:05 PM (10 years ago)

    Love this bag, beautiful

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    Great way to get spoiled pretty.

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    July 1, 2008 at 12:52 AM (10 years ago)

    thats for holding this contest! Great prize!

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    July 1, 2008 at 4:51 PM (10 years ago)

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    July 1, 2008 at 8:31 PM (10 years ago)

    This is just what we need for the pool.

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    July 1, 2008 at 10:20 PM (10 years ago)

    This is a nice prize. Everyone should always wear sunblock.

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    Sweet, awesome prizes! 🙂

  13. Hetal
    July 3, 2008 at 12:14 AM (10 years ago)

    beautiful bag

  14. joannaonthelake
    July 3, 2008 at 5:11 PM (10 years ago)

    Hi there! This Beach Bag is adorable! I live on a lake so everyday in the summer when it is nice outside I try and sit at our small beach and read for a couple of hours. Of course I slather on the sunscreen, and wear my straw hat, but it is my favorite summer pastime. This ultra cute bag and the products that come along with it are so needed by me this summer! Thank you for offering the best giveaways online, always!

  15. Babalu
    July 3, 2008 at 8:13 PM (10 years ago)

    I could use a beauty refresher. Love it, thanks!

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    July 3, 2008 at 10:07 PM (10 years ago)

    Awesome bag, with everyting a pretty girl needs!

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  17. lottogirl846
    July 4, 2008 at 12:43 AM (10 years ago)

    awesome bag – THANKS FOR THE CHANCE TO WIN

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    This giveaway has everything you need for a getaway!

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    July 4, 2008 at 12:18 PM (10 years ago)

    good looking bag!

  21. Kathleen @ Katydid & Kid
    July 4, 2008 at 12:24 PM (10 years ago)

    Speaking as an owner of one Envirosax bag, I love these bags, and they are great to keep in your purse or glove box. I’d love to win another, as it would be nice to keep an extra one on hand, especially in the diaper bag. Thanks for sharing!

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    July 5, 2008 at 12:47 AM (10 years ago)

    Thanks for giving us an opportunity to win such a wonderful beach bag full of great products. Happy 4th of July everyone~!

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    July 5, 2008 at 2:25 AM (10 years ago)

    Oh these are so cool. Sure beats the Ralphs & Vons reusable bags I lug around. All the things you’ve put in it sound great also.
    Please Enter Me.
    Thank You.

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    Oh Wow, that is a wonderful prize! U would love it 🙂

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    Lovely prize, I could use a beautiful bag and all the great items you have put in it .With summer here . I am always on the go! Count me in to win

  28. olene mccoy
    July 5, 2008 at 11:01 AM (10 years ago)

    And now i’m ready for the beach, very pretty bag. omccoy

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    July 5, 2008 at 12:48 PM (10 years ago)

    I am so excited,I have never had an environmental bag and this is perfect with all the necessities I need.Thanks for a great contest.

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