Lise Watier Summer 2008: La Toscana

lise+watier+eye+quad+038 Lise Watier Summer 2008: La Toscana
Yesterday, Mr. Spoiled Pretty and I celebrated our one-year wedding anniversary with dinner at Barclay Prime, a “luxury boutique steakhouse” in the Rittenhouse section of Philadelphia. My dress and heels were basic black, so I decided to wear color on my eyes. Lise Watier’s new summer collection, La Toscana, provided the perfect palette to make my peepers pop!

lise+watier+mer+eye+quad+1 Lise Watier Summer 2008: La Toscana

lise+watier+mer+eye+quad+2 Lise Watier Summer 2008: La Toscana
The shadows in the Eye Quartet in Mer (Sea Turquoise, Satin Terracotta, Soft and Matte Sand, and a Rose-Brown bathed with Golden Sheen) have been baked on a ceramic tile to pay homage to Tuscany. They can be used wet or dry; dry for a light, diaphanous effect, or wet for an intense, opaque finish.

I lined the inner rims of my eyes with the Glitter Pencil in Turquoise – a smooth, pigment-rich liner.

If you’re more “turf” than “surf”, try the Terre Quartet and Glitter Pencil in Vert.

And be sure to check out La Toscana’s other offerings:

Pink Marble Blush Powder
Toscana Gloss Sticks (ultra-hydrating with an olive oil base)
Havana Dry Oil Body Glow
Havana Precious Bronzing Pearls
Havana Sun Dust Bronzing Powder

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5 Responses to Lise Watier Summer 2008: La Toscana

  1. makeup loves me

    i love this eye! nice work, d.

  2. Lakia

    Those colors are beautiful

  3. Laurie

    Happy Anniversary! Were you a 7-7-07 bride?!

    I got married on 9-8-07 (the second coolest wedding date of ’07!)

  4. Daneen :)

    My anniversary was actually on 6/3…but celebrating on a Tuesday night, after a tiring day at work, is no fun. So we saved the festivities for the weekend. I highly recommend Barclay Prime, for you Philly gals. Great food and top-notch service, without pretension.

  5. BeautyTalk

    oh niceee.