Rihanna at BET Awards: Yellow Fever!

Rihanna+BET Rihanna at BET Awards: Yellow Fever!
Rihanna is a ray of sunshine in a Giambattista Valli gown. Her eye makeup is perfection, but I can’t say that I’m loving the matte metlot shade on her lips.

RihannaBET Rihanna at BET Awards: Yellow Fever!

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7 Responses to Rihanna at BET Awards: Yellow Fever!

  1. ladyorchid

    I love the flowing material but the color urks me.

  2. Marsadie

    If it were not for the fact that the lime yellow dress and merlot lips complimented each other so well, that lip color would look horrendous on her. Hope she doesn’t wear it with anything else :)

  3. Anonymous

    I love her! It’s such a fru fru dress but she keeps it from being too sweet with the makeup and short hair. She is not afraid to take risks with her appearance and I love her for it! =)

  4. Decorative Diva

    I LOVE the red-violet shade that’s on her lips. Her eyes are definitely perfect, as you say.

    I’m not so sure about the dress. While I like how the top half hugs her body, the side view (in the picture on the right), makes it have a bit of an odd line.

    Normally, I love whatever Rihanna does, be it with her makeup or her nails. She’s beautiful.

  5. Alysia

    Strangely, I like the look on her. Rihanna can pull off so many different and seemingly weird outfits/color combinations. It’s definitely age appropriate at least.


  6. Nicole

    Pretty! I think Rihanna has a fabulous sense of style. She looks a bit like Belle from Beauty and The Beast here, haha!

  7. Anonymous

    For me, Rihanna definetely pulls it off! Whatever she chooses to wear, she will rock it for sure ;o)
    I think that the purple shade in combination to the dress is perfect since the dress is so bright.