Membership Has Its Privileges:

Abaco+Laguna Membership Has Its Privileges:
Look at my luscious new handbag. Don’t you just love it? For the past few weeks, I’ve been tempted by quite a few pretty purses. But something told me to hold out…to wait for true love. And as soon as I laid my eyes on this heavenly handbag, I thanked that little voice inside my head.

The “Laguna” bag from Abaco, a hard-to-find French label, retails for $750. But I scooped this baby up (in dove gray) for just $250 – thanks to

Prada+Tote Membership Has Its Privileges: Ideeli.comIdeeli is a members-only shopping community for trendsetting women. The website offers authentic, luxury handbags, jewelry, sunglasses, and more…for up to 90% off the original price! There are 4 to 6 shopping events per week, plus incredible giveaways – like this Tessuto Multicolor Tote by Prada (original price: $1650.00).

Ideeli has been featured in O Magazine and The New York Times. And here’s what cnet had this to say about Ideeli: “It’s meets ‘The Devil Wears Prada.’”

If you love the idea of paying $239 for a $600 pair of Christian Lacroix shoes, or $110 for $350 Gucci sunglasses – get thee to Ideeli. There’s just one catch … membership is by referral only. Lucky for you, I’m a member. If you want to join the club (membership is free), email me at – be sure to include the email address where you would like your invite delivered.

You’re welcome.

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8 Responses to Membership Has Its Privileges:

  1. Anonymous

    I got the same bag. I’m in love and can’t wait until it gets here.

  2. beauty am eye

    LUV that black bag!!!!!!!!

  3. Lenore

    I just got that same bag from ideeli! It’s breathtaking–so excited :)

  4. Jessica

    Ideeli sounds great! Have you joined I think it's pretty similar, but you don't need a refferal to join…they have great designers and prices! They also just launched their baby & kids sales, the little jumpsuits are too cute!

  5. laula

    *sigh* i only wish i had the moola to buy those beautiful purses. one day!

  6. Lanelle

    I loved Ideeli but its sooo damn expensive. They have beautiful discounts but its still expensive as hell.

  7. SkirtsNShoes

    im a member of hautelook and love it.i just bought a bag from the katherine kwei sale going on now. you guys would love it! go check it out at

  8. Telecia

    Thanks for sharing this info with the Spoiled Pretty readers!!!!!