ModelCo Behavior

ModelCo+Shimmer ModelCo BehaviorSince it came into my possession, I have been spraying myself silly with ModelCo’s Shimmer Airbrush Illuminizer. This long-lasting, luminous mist contains light-reflecting pigments that evenly cover your face and body with a shimmery, youthful glow.

On my arms…ssshhh
On my legs…ssshhh
On my décolletage…ssshhh

Vitamin E and Chamomile moisturize and soothe, and the pink frangipani fragrance lightly scents skin with a heavenly essence. Worn on its own or layered over makeup, Shimmer Airbrush Illuminizer is so sexy. You’ll be mist-ified!

ModelCo+Shimmer+on+Arm ModelCo Behavior
Go ahead…click on the picture above and see the shimmer for yourself.

And for sinfully-scented, shimmering locks, lightly mist over your hair. Just be prepared to have girls all in up in your grill asking you how you got that glow.

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3 Responses to ModelCo Behavior

  1. Leeann

    Oooh, gotta have this!

  2. Amanda.

    Ohhh. I love this
    product! Gotta get me some.

  3. suzie wuzie

    i’ve got a mini version of this but then i sold it because it wasn’t spraying right- it left patches rather than an even shimmer. nonetheless, it’s a good product