Hair Band Nightmare

hairband1 Hair Band Nightmare
The other day, Mama Spoiled Pretty forwarded me an email about hair elastics being fashioned from recycled condoms. Incredulous – because it sounded completely absurd and because I get ten thousand of these ridiculous emails from my mom – I decided to consult to check the validity of this urban legend. Turns out it’s true…allegedly.

Click here for the 411.

hairband2 Hair Band Nightmare

hairband3 Hair Band Nightmare

hairband4 Hair Band Nightmare

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4 Responses to Hair Band Nightmare

  1. Stephanie

    I recieved this e mail as well… So scary!!

  2. Wes

    WOW… crazy, lol

  3. Tracy

    that is the funniest, grossest thing I have heard all week!!! Where do you get them at????

  4. JennBee

    That’s so disgusting! Ughhhh. I feel like cutting open all my hair ties and checking!