Happy Birthday To Me

cupcake Happy Birthday To MeIt’s my birthday, and Mr. Spoiled Pretty is away on business. I’m feeling kinda lonely, so if you could send me some love, I’d sure appreciate it.



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  1. Rex

    Happy Birthday!! This is a great blog, I really enjoy it.

  2. Kylie

    happy birthday! :)

  3. Ruby

    Happy Birthday Daneen!!!!
    I hope this year brings even greater joy and beauty to you!

  4. ML

    Happy Birthday! :)

  5. Anonymous

    happy birthday!!!
    have a lovely, lovely day!!

  6. AJ

    Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! We love Spoiled Pretty, and we love Daneen too! Yay! Have a wonderful day!

  7. Adriyah

    Happy Happy Birthday! Happpppyyy Birrrrtthhhdaaaay Tooooooo Yoooou :D

  8. blondie





  9. Jennifer Q

    Happy Birthday, Daneen!
    I hope your day brings much love and happiness.

  10. carina


    CARINA <3

  11. Christina Jones

    Aww I hate that. I spent the vast majority of my 40th birthday this year alone too. *sniff* I hope you have a superfantastic birthday, my friend! xoxox

  12. Mugdha

    Happy Budday Daneen!!

    How about this to make you happy – I crown you Glamourista Femme for 2008! Hope you have a lovely year ahead…you deserve to since you make this such a happy place for your blog visitor’s!

    Hope Mr. Spoiled Pretty comes back soon with a pretty surprise for you 

  13. Anonymous

    Happy Birthday!!! Your blog is always a bright spot in my day. I hope your birthday is filled with love and fun and self pampering (since Mr spoiled pretty isn’t there to pamper you in person).

    Much love!!

  14. Figuring Out The Details

    Happy birthday, Daneen!

  15. Jenn

    Happy B-Day! Sucks to hear your hubby is away on your b-day ; he better make it up to you! Hope you have a great one ; enjoy! :)

  16. MJ

    Aw, Happy Birthday! Hope you can indulge in some super girly time today!

  17. Anonymous

    Happy birthday! Your blog is great!

  18. Jenna

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You are awesome!!!!! I’m sorry you are feeling lonely! I’m sure things will get better soon!!!

  19. KimmyDarling

    Happy birthday, Daneen! Hope it’s a great day, and that Mr. Spoiled Pretty is home ASAP. I’m glad you were born. :)

  20. Angela

    Happy Birthday, Daneen!

    – ang

  21. REGINA

    Happy Birthday to you!!

  22. Atiyah


  23. The Anti Hair Slave

    Awwww Daneen! Happy Birthday Doll! haha :-)

  24. Milan

    Happy Birthday, Daneen! I hope your day is filled with all the joy and happiness your heart can hold. Have a good one!


  25. An Indian's makeup musings

    Happy Bday to you!Happy Bday to you!
    Happy Bday Dear Daneen….Happy Bday toooooo you!! There I sung it out for ya !

    Have a great day !!

    Indian Girl

  26. laughing808

    Hope you have a great day.

  27. jaimehwkns

    Ohhh…. :( I’m sorry. Have a happy birthday anyway, Daneen! Treat yourself to a great dinner and a pedicure, or something equally fabulous!

  28. Aleta

    Happy Birthday! You should call up your girlfriends and celebrate.

    Thanks for all of your amazing tips and giveaways. I always look forward to reading your blog.

  29. Rae

    Happy birthday, hon!! It sucks that Mr. Spoiled Pretty is away on buisness :(

    (Also, that delicious-looking cupcake is making me hungry! Promise that you’ll have some birthday cake even without your man!)

  30. Audrey

    Aw, happy birthday Daneen! :)

  31. Anonymous

    Happy Birthday Daneen! My hubby is away too but he’d better make it back by Monday! It’s our first Anniversary :)

  32. Anonymous

    Global Goddess Beauty wishes you a very Happy Birthday!!!!!

  33. Kate

    Happy Birthday, Daneen!!!

  34. Chrissy


  35. Naomi

    happy birthday!!!

  36. ButterflyDiary

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY DANEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Many cupcakes, hugs and best wishes!

  37. Nicole

    Happy Birthday!!! May you be as pretty (and spoiled) as your wonderful blog!

  38. Anonymous

    Happy Birthday

  39. Joy

    Happy Birthday Daneen! Hope you have a fabulous, beautiful day.
    xoxo Joy

  40. Anonymous

    Happy Birthday Pretty Girl.

  41. Anonymous

    Happy Birthday Ms. Libra! Take a deep breathe and know you spread the word! You are very special.

  42. MaMa

    Have a great birthday & I hope you have some fun! Remember to eat some cake, too, and enjoy…


  43. Tammy

    Happy Birthday!!

  44. Critty

    Happy Birthday!!!! I hope you have something nice planned tonight, even if the hubby is away. Or at least a great pampering session, like a massage. Or a shopping spree :)

  45. Ashley K

    Happy Birthday!!! Why don’t you have a girls night out? Hope you have a great day, whatever you do! You deserve it!

  46. Jen Hill

    Hope you have the happiest of birthdays Daneen!

    You are awesome!

  47. Anonymous


    Sorry you’re feeling lonely on your day. : { Try to think of it this way: you can have an extra-long birthday if you wait to celebrate your special day when Mr. Spoiled Pretty gets back! I hope you have a great birthday anyhow!

    Birthday Hugs,
    Mari E.

  48. Shayela

    Aw Daneen! Have a good one :) I know that sounds hard, but I’m sure Mr. Pretty will make it up to you upon his return. Happy birthday!

    Shayela H.

  49. m

    Thanks so much for all u do!!! ur blog kicks some serious butt!!!

  50. Brittany

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Sorry you have to spend it away from your guy :(

  51. Emilita

    Hey, happy birthday!

  52. Laney/The Fashionable Gal

    Happy Birthday, Gorgeous!!! How dare Mr. SP be away for such an important event! He better bring you some nice presents : P

    I hope you have a cupcake that’s as delicious as that one looks… but of course, has no calories!

    And of course, I love your blog to death. I recently cut my daily blog readings from about 65 to around 40, and yours made the cut with flying colors!!!


  53. Mary

    happy birthday!! i love your blog

  54. Phyrra

    Happy Birthday!


  55. Michstjame

    Happy Birthday! I hope Mr. Pretty spoils you rotten when he gets home. Thanks for such a great and fun blog. :)

  56. amybyrd

    Happy Birthday to my favorite beauty blogger!!

  57. Tamara

    Happy Birthday to you! May your day be filled with lots of laughter,love and dreeams that come true!

  58. laula

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the best damn beauty blogger out there!

  59. Toma

    Happy Birthday! How’s it feel to be 18? LOL!

  60. *~Dani~*

    Happy Birthday! Sorry you are alone, but that just means more presents and fun later!

  61. Ray's Nay

    happy Birthday, happy Birthday, Happy Birthday to you.

  62. Sheena

    happy birthday!! :)

  63. Tiffany

    Happy Birthday my sister Libra!

  64. Elisa

    happy birthday! September girls ROCK. I know that because I am one too ;-)

  65. Debra

    Happy Birthday!!!

  66. Roxy


  67. windycindy

    Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday to You. Happy Birthday Dear Daneen…..Happy Birthday to You!!!!!
    And Many More, Cindi

  68. not a famous adrian

    Happy Birthday Daneen! Wishing you a year filled with beauty!

  69. Dominican Enigma

    Happy Birthday!

  70. makeup loves me

    daneen – i love you greatly!xo

  71. Ericka

    Happy birthday, pretty lady!

  72. Monica M

    Happy birthday!!!

    owww…so sorry to hear that, I hope he’s back and spoiling you :)

  73. JennBee

    Happy birthday! :)

  74. Keisha Surratt

    Happy Belated Birthday!!

  75. Tiffany

    omg! yesterday was my birthday too :D go libras! and happy bday :)

  76. Angie Smith

    Happy late birthday Daneen! Sorry it’s late, I haven’t had my daily indulgence of your blog in a few days!! Hope your birthday was amazing! Thanks for the amazing reads, I enjoy it every day.

  77. Deanna

    HAPPY late BIRTHDAY!!!
    thanks for all the FUN info :) <3

  78. Toni

    Happy Belated!!