Very Sexy Indeed

 Very Sexy IndeedIf my lips joined eHarmony and were matched on 29 dimensions of compatibility, my pout would undoubtedly be paired with the Very Sexy Makeup Limited Edition Lip Gloss Duo in Flash. If I never wore another gloss for the remainder of my natural life, I wouldn’t bat an Exceptionnel de Chanel-coated eyelash.

This double-ended lip gloss holds two formulas. The crème transforms my lips into their sexier selves. It’s a perfect nude that makes all of my other pale glosses seem pathetic.

One swipe of the rose gold shimmer on the center of my bottom lip has me convinced that I’m the brown Angelina. And the sugary caramel scent is so delicioso that I sniff the applicator each and every time I apply.

I’m seriously considering stocking up…build a bomb shelter and fill it with tubes of the Lip Gloss Duo in Flash.

 Very Sexy IndeedIts limited-edition status is giving me high blood pressure, heart palpitations and stomach ulcers. Go get some…and see if it doesn’t turn you into a total mess, envisioning a life lived with out it.

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3 Responses to Very Sexy Indeed

  1. Kylie

    how much is this?

  2. ButterflyDiary

    What an awesome and hilarious review. Now I want to rush to the store and buy one..shimmer and nude are my middle names :)

  3. Nausheen

    ooo, can we see it on you? =)