What A Doll!

angelina+doll4 What A Doll!
Artist Noel Cruz took an ordinary doll, removed the factory paint and repainted the figurine using acrylics after he was inspired by the ‘enigmatic beauty’ of Angelina Jolie. What resulted is, perhaps, one of the most lifelike and creepy dolls I’ve ever seen.

angelina+doll1 What A Doll!

angelina+doll3 What A Doll!

angelina+doll2 What A Doll!The doll is missing Angie’s signature tattoos. But Cruz, who specializes in painting dolls to resemble celebrities, says that they can be added for an extra cost of between £10 and £20, depending on the complexity of the design. And the doll can don different wigs for a variety of looks.

So how much will one of these doppelganger dolls run you? A private bidder recently paid £2,000 for his/her own mini Angelina.

I’d bet cash money that the anonymous buyer is none other Jennifer Aniston, and that she’s sticking pins in that thing like it’s her J-O-B.


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9 Responses to What A Doll!

  1. Jenna

    Wow, that IS creepy. He really nailed those lips.

  2. ButterflyDiary

    INSANITY RULES this country. As we go deeper and deeper into a recession, more fools are coming out of the woodwork.

  3. Jenna

    Uh… considering the prices are in pounds, I’m pretty sure we are talking about the country across the pond!

  4. Anonymous

    Creepy…you could own it, but why would you want to?

  5. Natalie

    I recall this was up on eBay quite a while back. It sure took long enough to reach the mainstream media.:O
    I collect dolls though so that may explain why I spotted it.
    The repainter is talented but yeah, this doll is creepy.
    Uncanny Valley!!

  6. Elisa


    that is SO creepy. and awesome. the eyes are so life-like!

  7. BeautyTalk

    wow! The things people will do to make a buck and the crazies that buy them!

  8. An Indian's makeup musings

    Seriously Creepy. Reminds of this movie – Lars and the Real Girl.

  9. TN

    OMG! I laughed *SO* hard at your last comment about Aniston sticking pins in it like its her “J-O-B” haha.. keep up the amusing blog posts!