Amino, What A Mask-o!

There was a blogger, had clogged pores
Amino – what a mask-o!
Amino – what a mask-o!

 Amino, What A Mask o!

For the past month, I have been walking around with the most clogged pores ever. I’m not talking about a blackhead here and there. I’m talking about pores so congested that I can actually feel how engorged with gunk they are.

I tried just about everything to purge my pores. In my bathroom, I was channeling TI…chanting “bring em out” while slathering my face with every cleanser, toner, and treatment in my beauty arsenal. And while these products left my complexion looking a bit better, my face still felt full.

Enter Bioelements Amino Mask – the answer to my proverbial prayers. This medicated acne treatment coaxes dead skin and sebum from pores, destroys acne bacteria, controls overactive oil production and helps to hear existing blemishes. The creamy and airy texture was a welcome surprise – and after just one use, my face felt like it could breathe again. Amino Mask is like Vicks VapoRub for stuffy pores.

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3 Responses to Amino, What A Mask-o!

  1. KimmyDarling

    I swear, Daneen, you just must have been reading my mind. (Or looking into my 10x mirror!) I *need* this SOOOO bad right now. Off to see where I can get it.


  2. kagey10

    Great ingredients! only found at select salons and spas!
    Grape, Kiwi, Honey Extracts (sloughs away dead skin cells, prevents acne blemishes)
    Green Tea Extract (eases inflammation, helps reduce redness)
    Allantoin (calming, soothing, healing botanical from Comfrey Root)
    Panthenol (nourishing, moisturizing)
    Peppermint Oil (antiseptic, decongestant, stimulating)

  3. Castleville

    OMYGOD!! i just found this channel and its like 2 in the damn moinnrg. I swear i’ve had to resort to using a pillow to mask my loud ass laughing. xDD Girl you are hilarious! xDD