Elizabeth Hurley Is Bustin’ Loose

elizabeth+hurley Elizabeth Hurley Is Bustin Loose

Elizabeth, hunnie…it’s breast cancer awareness month. You forgot the cancer part.
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6 Responses to Elizabeth Hurley Is Bustin’ Loose

  1. IbisCaraib

    Umm… wow. Just wow. She’s been known to have some “what the hell” fashion days so I guess I shouldn’t be shocked.

  2. Tammy M

    OMG, her breasts are breaking outta that dress!!!!

  3. Amber

    OMG. HILAR, Daneen. The Fug Girls would call that a “Silver Platter” dress, because that is how it offers up a woman’s cleave.

  4. Teri

    That is too funny. She must be running, or had a bit too much to drink – I don’t think she realizes her dress is falling down. Or does she???

  5. Jenna

    That actually looks painful

  6. LYDIA

    Oh my boobies! I agree with Jenna – this does look painful!