Yesterday, I visited the parental units and my sister happened to be home from college. As is the norm when she makes an appearance, her makeup arsenal was splayed out on the counter in our once-shared bathroom. I couldn’t help myself from taking a peek and rooting around a bit.

Most of the products I’ve tried before, and a majority of the stockpile were gifts from her benevolent big sis. But before turing off the light and moving on, an unfamiliar tube caught my eye – Almay Smart Shade Concealer.

Almay promises, “with Smart Shade Concealer, there’s no more guessing or stressing over what shade of concealer is right for you. This revolutionary colorless concealer contains microscopic color beads that are activated when you smooth it on—transforming into a shade that complements your skin tone. It conceals minor imperfections on face and dark circles under eyes and provides easy, buildable coverage.”

So what’s the verdict? This product is neither a smart buy, nor does it conceal.

First of all, the concealer has an odd, paste-like consistency. Kinda like toothpaste. And it’s thin, so don’t smooth it on, as directed. In order to achieve any kind of coverage, you must dab it on…but even when you do, don’t expect to camoflage anything more than a freckle. No joke. And, finally, if you’ve got medium to dark skin, just fugetaboutit. Almay Smart Shade Concealer leaves chalky white patches in its wake.

I think that a product that adjusts to compliment your skintone is great…in theory. But, in my opinion, this ‘technology’ is much better left to blush or lipgloss – situations where there’s more leeway with regards to color. With foundation, powder and concealer , you’re trying to fake a flawless complexion. So why leave a perfect match to chance?

You would do much better to choose your own shade than let Almay’s ‘microscopic color beads’ make the decision for you.

2 Comments on If This Concealer Is Smart, I Shudder To Think What A Dumb Concealer Looks Like

  1. Unintended
    October 27, 2008 at 5:44 PM (10 years ago)

    I love Almay Smart Match! I’ve never been able to wear foundations or concelers before because my skin is so so so so so light but with Almay I can. It’s so lightweight, it doesn’t make me break out and it matches just perfect! I’ve used the concealer to cover pimples all the time. I even have terrible acne scars that it covers. I’ve never had the consistency problem you did. I love their products so much.

  2. Anonymous
    October 28, 2008 at 1:42 PM (10 years ago)

    I am very fair skinned and am always looking for the right foundation. I tried Almay’s “smart shade” foundation. Quel horror! It didn’t match my skin tone at all. It didn’t have the flakey white residue that the concealer apparently does, though.