Talk Is Chic: Stila’s New Talking Palettes

stila talking+palette Talk Is Chic: Stilas New Talking Palettes
Stila has pre-launched three new talking palettes. They haven’t formally announced it yet (it’s not on the homepage and the brand is kinda keeping it on the DL for now). But I just received an email for ‘Stila Insiders’ with a link to the palettes, and you know I couldn’t keep to myself.

Check them out!

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One Response to Talk Is Chic: Stila’s New Talking Palettes

  1. jojoba

    i think a talking palette is weird and annoying. imagining apply on mu and it keeps talking to you. lol. and i wont dare to bring it out with me just in case i accidentally had the volume on. people will think i am some kind of nutcase! LOL

    interesting idea but it won’t work for me at least.