Kim Kardashian: Snip Snip Bang Bang

kim+kardashian+bangs+6 Kim Kardashian: Snip Snip Bang BangKim Kardashian showed off some forehead fringe last night at the Empowerment for Africa dinner in NYC. Earlier that day, Kim empowered Joaquin Hortal (of Rita Hazan Salon) to transform her characteristic do.

Kim and Joaquin originally planned to chop more than just her bangs…they actually contemplated taking Kim’s hair short. But “opted for sexy, rock star bangs that are perfect for winter — and very New York,” says Hortal.

What do you think? Is Kim’s new do a don’t?

kim+kardashian+bangs+2 Kim Kardashian: Snip Snip Bang Bang

kim+kardashian+bangs Kim Kardashian: Snip Snip Bang Bang

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14 Responses to Kim Kardashian: Snip Snip Bang Bang

  1. Joi

    I like it! FAB!

  2. sabrina

    She looks just like her mother Kris with her hair like that.

  3. Katee "e-polishblog"

    Not a fan of the bangs on her.

  4. Arlynn

    I actually love it, and it actually works to make her look…. dare I say it – smare : )

  5. Amber

    I think it’s a nice change for her. I really think it’s hot!

  6. Laurie

    She looks gorgeous!I just got some bangs myself – and they don’t look nearly that good!

  7. Milan

    They’re pretty cute

  8. redrunner

    i think she looks great!!!

  9. Frances

    I hate this trend of bangs below the eyebrows. I don’t care how pretty you are, it just looks like you have hair in your eyeballs.

  10. Bobbiebobbob

    I do like her bangs

  11. LYDIA

    I like the bangs – but then again, she would look beautiful even if she shaved all of her hair off.

  12. Keedah

    Bangs add edginess to any look. Im slowly creeping towards them myself. Love them!!

  13. Dominican Enigma

    i don’t like them.

  14. Marian

    i had similar bangs for about 8 months but mine were better. they blended better with my hair and look better with a shoulder-length jagged cut. i don’t think they mesh well with her waves.

    on a side note, homegirl is so cheesy….