Rihanna Fierce

rihanna+rehab3 Rihanna Fierce
Last night, my sis emailed me the link to Rihanna’s Rehab video. After watching it, I was like, “Sasha who? Beyonce can wear all the Gareth Pugh she wants to…this girl is FIERCE.”

I have to admit that the music vid plot lacks imagination. Truthfully, I could have written a better script. But who needs a story when you have Miss RiRi and Timberlake steaming up the desert? And her makeup…flawless! It don’t get no better than the kohl-rimmed eye/crimson lip combo she sports in this video.

rihanna+rehab1 Rihanna Fierce

rihanna+rehab2 Rihanna Fierce
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2 Responses to Rihanna Fierce

  1. hypnotic

    i love that song! and she has the most beautiful skin…

  2. Phyrra

    Rihanna is so pretty. I love to see whatever she’s doing next, her new looks. I love how she does her hair, nails, makeup, etc. Fierce is exactly how I’d describe her! She’s very talented too :)