90210 No…OPI’s New Collection Is Inspired By The New Series?

90210+by+OPI 90210 No...OPIs New Collection Is Inspired By The New Series?

As I reported back in July, OPI debuted a limited-edition nail polish collection inspired by Beverly Hills spoiled brats…just not the ones I/we were expecting.

90210 by OPI is comprised of these three shades:

Queen of West Web-erly: purple shimmer

Sweet as Annie-thing! – orange red
Pretty & Privileged – ruby red

Um, OPI – where in the ham sandwich are my Brenda, Kelly and Donna-inspired colors? I realize that this is just a marketing vehicle for the new series, but how badass would it have been to see the above shades to go head-to-head with polishes inspired by the true queens of West Beverly High? How about an inky color to match Dylan’s Porsche 356 Speedster? And how simple would it have been to whip up a silvery shade inspired by David? Ugh…this collection had so much promise.

Anybody actually watch this new 90210? Me neither.
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6 Responses to 90210 No…OPI’s New Collection Is Inspired By The New Series?

  1. emceebard

    ugh. nah brah. with you — total disappointment.

  2. Katee "e-polishblog"

    I wanted to see a peach pit inspired shade!! I swatched all of these, here is a link to my swatches if you want to see them:


    I particularly liked queen of west web-erly :)


  3. Beauty 365

    hah! i just saw the ad for these in O Magazine and i agree, they need to take it back to the original cast.

    no one i know watches the new one! nice post

  4. Anonymous

    haha amen to no one watching, how is it still on?

  5. BuffyAnne

    To answer your question, uh… no. I tried watching one episode because Kellan Lutz apparently plays a bad boy. Hrmm… 40 minutes of my life wasted, and a no-show by Emmette. Thank goodness for DVR and being able to fast forward…

  6. Aleksis

    Why is this collection so half assed? I also tried to watch it once….no thank you.