“I think makeup today is about having the possibility of doing a million different looks.” -Francois Nars

Q. What is your inspiration for the Spring 2009 Collection?
“My inspiration was a very sexy woman. I wanted a bit of a ‘70s feeling, somewhere between Guy Bourdin and Chris Von Wangenheim’s photographs—aggressive, but very sensual and fragile at the same time.”

Q. The collection features a striking matte dusty red eyeshadow. Why red? And, how do you apply it?
“Why not? It makes blue and green eyes become brighter and it brings out the hazel in brown eyes. Apply it by itself or in combination with a pearly white shadow or simple black line.”

Q. You have two new products in the collection, the Blush Duo and the Duo Concealer. Why did you decide to combine two shades into one compact? What will you achieve with each?
“I love two-in-one products, they are always easier to use. The Blush Duo has one highlighting and one sculpting shade. It’s great to have two shades of blush to combine together to achieve the look you desire. The Duo Concealer contains one light shade and one dark shade, and can be used individually or blended together. The lighter shade brings brightness to the eyes while the darker one can be used to blend directly with skin tone.”

Q. Why did you decide to add glitter to some of the products in this collection?
“Glitter is like jewelry on the eyes or face. It brightens the iris of the eye and brings a very glamorous finish to makeup.”

Q. Overall, what is your favorite color combination from the Spring collection?
“I love the Baby Girl Single Eyeshadow with the Hungry Heart Blush Duo.”

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