Kim Kardashian’s Favorite Hairspray

l%27oreal+Infinum+hairspray Kim Kardashians Favorite Hairspray
On her blog, Kim Kardashian gives a shout-out to L’Oreal Professionnel TextureLine Infinum Hairspray. She says that it’s her favorite, right now.

It definitely gives great hold but is extremely light. I’m using #2, which is the regular hold.

Thanks for the tip, Kim. And keep your favorite things list coming!

kim+kardashian+blows+on+her+nails+2 Kim Kardashians Favorite HairsprayAnd speaking of Kim – guess what? She’s just like us. Check Kim out blowing on her nails following a mani-pedi yesterday.

Take that, Us Magazine…I scooped ya!

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1 Comment on Kim Kardashian’s Favorite Hairspray

  1. BVB
    January 21, 2009 at 2:10 AM (6 years ago)

    Oh snap! How come I got number 3 today in the mail! I don’t know if I need the strong hold but I guess I do! :)


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