Now I Understand Why Cosmetic Surgery Is So Addictive

spoiled+pretty+liftmagic Now I Understand Why Cosmetic Surgery Is So Addictive
Ever wondered what you’d look like after having some work done? Well, now you can – in theory. Thanks to a tip from Allure’s Daily Beauty Reporter, I happened upon LiftMagic – a website that offers “the world’s most advanced facelift, anti-aging, weight-loss, and cosmetic surgery simulation application, offering fully automated one-click makeovers in just seconds!”

To use LiftMagic, all you have to do is just upload your own photo and play digital plastic surgeon.

I’m not a fan of cosmetic surgery, so I was pretty surprised by how much fun I had with this site. After I uploaded my headshot, the psycho-perfectionist in me took over and made a trillion tweaks before she was through. Yes…LiftMagic is fun and funny. You’ll want to email your before and afters to everyone you know. But at the same time, LiftMagic gives you a glimpse into the addictive nature of cosmetic procedures. Except with real surgery, mistakes aren’t so easily undone.

Bottom line: Don’t let LiftMagic feed your insecurities. The most serious thing this website should be used for is “enhancing” your Facebook profile photo.

Check out my before and after* pics…

 Now I Understand Why Cosmetic Surgery Is So Addictive

liftmagic+after+ +spoiled+pretty Now I Understand Why Cosmetic Surgery Is So Addictive
*My before pic had the following work done: eyebrow lift, around eye enhancement, beside eye enhancement, inner cheek enhancement, cheek lift, slight nose reduction and eyelid fold. I shudder to think how much I’d have to pay for someone to cut me up and make all of these augmentations. I bet I could also achieve the results above with some light-reflective concealer/highlighter, volumizing mascara, and contour powder.

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6 Responses to Now I Understand Why Cosmetic Surgery Is So Addictive

  1. Katie

    Really interesting! Takes the In Style hair makeover tool about a hundred steps further. Nice also that you noted the site’s propensity to feed insecurities!

  2. Felicia

    I love this post! You’re very lovely without the tweaks :-)


  3. Shayela

    Daneen, don’t even think about it! ever! there’s not a big difference, tbh, and you look LOVELY in the first. I think your cheekbones are gorgeous in the before shot.

  4. Anjela - Beauty Editor

    Oh wow, you like you’re glowing in the second pic but like Felicia and Shayela said, you already look lovely!

  5. DirtCheapBeauty

    I think this is the same as using photoshop..basically lol And you really dont need to the tweaks neway! so i cant tell the difference

  6. Anonymous

    i think you look most beautiful in the original photo!