Spoiled Pretty’s Take On Smooth Away

smooth away pads Spoiled Prettys Take On Smooth Away
So I survived the Spokane snow I’m back in Philadelphia. And you know what that means. It’s time to weigh in on Smooth Away, the hair removal discs sold on TV.

My sister wasn’t exaggerating when he said that the mini Smooth Away pad deftly defuzzes your upper lip. The superfine crystals on each pad exfoliate – buffing away dead skin in addition to hair. But if you have sensitive skin, put the pad down…don’t buff nuthin’. I smoothed away my mustache three days ago and my skin is still raw and tore up. It feels like I have a rug burn below my nose – and there are a few small spots that look and feel slightly scabby.

smooth+away+package Spoiled Prettys Take On Smooth AwayTo be thorough in my testing, I also used one of the larger Smooth Away pads on my leg. As the skin on my leg is more resilient thant that on my face, I didn’t experience any irritation. The pad removed the hair – although, afterwards, it did feel a smidge stubbly to the touch. Another Smooth Away shortcoming is that you’ll go through the pads fairly quickly. The pads are most effective when they’re brand new and haven’t yet been used; and once you start buffing, you’ll notice that the efficacy of the pads will start to diminish.

One Smooth Away kit contains: 1 Large Smooth Away, 1 Small Smooth Away, 4 Large Smooth Away Replacement Pads, 4 Small Smooth Away Replacement Pads. And right now, when you purchase one kit at $14.99, you’ll receive an extra kit for free. But I doubt that having two Smooth Away sets will keep you smooth and hair-free for long. Depending on the length and texture of your hair, one large pad will likely lose it’s grit after one leg.

Bottom line: Smooth Away is, indeed, a throwaway.

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9 Responses to Spoiled Pretty’s Take On Smooth Away

  1. Jackie

    My daughter has been wanting to buy this and now I can tell her it’s not worth it. Thank you for sharing your review…and I hope your lip is feeling better! Happy New Year!

  2. kagey10

    ouch on the upper lip! maybe I need to look into having mine threaded. I can’t let anyone else but me touch my eyebrows, but I can’t really pluck my upper lip!

  3. Aleksis

    Aww that’s too bad, I was thinking they would be great for travel…oh well, thanks for the review!

  4. Roxy

    aww shucks

  5. bourgieadventures

    I’m really glad you reviewed this! I kept seeing the commercials and wondering if it really worked. Now I can feel satisfied that there is no easy solution to hair removal!

  6. Beauty 365

    yikes! my upper lip aches for u! :(

  7. Christina

    Oh, gosh, I was in western Washington and the snow there was bad… can’t imagine how it was for you over in Spokane!

    Thanks for the review. I saw these commercials, too, and wondered about them.

  8. Anonymous

    I just used Smooth Away on my legs and want to fully agree with the reviewer regarding legs feeling “a smidge stubbly” immediately afterward… and a pad losing effectiveness after one leg. Her review is spot on.

  9. Erin B

    Thanks for the review! I’ve been trying to decide if I wanted to try it, but have very sensitive skin. I’ll stick with the shaving for now!