Worst Hair On Television

kim+z Worst Hair On Television
The title of Worst Hair on TV once belonged to Kim (above) from Real Housewives of Atlanta. But to be honest, I don’t think the term hair adequately describes the bargain basement wig she has affixed to her head.

momma%27s+boys+michelle Worst Hair On TelevisionThus, I think the torch should be passed to Michelle from Momma’s Boys.

Somehow, this child has racked up $130,000 worth of debt buying a new nose, Botox, breast implants, lip injections, obvious extensions and all the hooker-esque clothes she could find at Frederick’s of Hollywood. So sad.

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5 Responses to Worst Hair On Television

  1. DirtCheapBeauty

    Hahah I have to agree, Kim’s hair looks so fake yucky.

  2. sarahPUFFY!

    Hey Daneen! I’m glad you liked the post!

    And ugggh, so me and my mom weren’t the only ones confused about the wig? Thank god. I swear I thought I saw a woodland critter or two in her nest in a few episodes.

  3. elle

    Um, I think Kim still takes the crown. Michelle looks bad (poor baby) but Kim’s look is just…tragic.

    Aren’t both of these women a little young for Botox?

  4. LindseyLooHoo

    Can someone explain to me how she has had $130,000 done on her? Amazing. Aside from the implants and lips, she looks like she could use some surgery. I know it’s mean, but $130,000?


  5. An Indian's Makup Blog !

    I couldnt believe Michelle was only 23…she looks so much more older , thanks to all the fake party on her