Fifteen minutes ago, after picking up my press pass at Bryant Park, I decided to kill some time back at the hotel before covering backstage at the Barbie show. Just as I’m leaving, I spot a familiar face…and before I my mind could even process what was happening, I blurt out, “OMG, it’s Christian Siriano!”

He turned around, obviously a little scared that some stranger is screaming his name on the street. I quickly collected myself and told him what a huge fan I am. I had to check myself, so I didn’t say anything really lame – like using the word “fierce” ten times during our 45 second encounter. Although I may have let it slip that I stalk him on Twitter.

Long story short, even all bundled up and in a rush to get to wherever he was going, he still looked fierce, fabulous and flawless!


1 Comment on I Just Met Christian Siriano at New York Fashion Week!

  1. Tamstyles
    February 14, 2009 at 6:56 PM (9 years ago)

    I sooooo love him. He is the future Marc Jacobs for my generation. Does he have a blog?