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Bill Blass Handbag Sale
Starts Monday 3/9
Up to 62% Off (prices start at $170)
This event is scheduled to start on Monday, March 9 at 11am for 1st Row members, noon for 2nd Row members. This event will run for 36 hours, or until it sells out.

Tateossian Watch Sale
Starts Wed 3/11
Up to 67% Off (prices start at $99)
Known as the “king of cufflinks,” Robert Tateossian founded his self-titled brand in 1990. Tateossian initially set out to create a definitive collection of cufflinks, unparalleled in both design and craftsmanship, which add a confident finishing touch to polished style. His contemporary yet timeless pieces met instant success, and for this fresh take on classic cufflinks, Tateossian was honored with three UK British Export Awards for Accessories.Flush with success, Tateossian decided to bring this same elegance to watch design, and Tateossian watches enjoy the same high level of quality and style. From the whimsical sport watches, brash with directional symbols glaring out from the watch face, to more austere temperances. Tateossian makes a watch for every mood, flavor, and personality, with one commonality, that every Tateossian watch marks its wearer as a man with impeccably good taste.This event is scheduled to start on Wednesday, March 11 at 11am for 1st Row members, noon for 2nd Row members. This event will run for 36 hours, or until it sells out.

Ginette NY Jewelry Sale
Starts Wed 3/11
Up to 60% Off (prices start at $69.00)
Call them lucky charms if you will, Dessemond launched her jewelry collection in 2001 with her famous 14 Karat gold disc necklace which was a contemporary spin on a version traditionally worn by French women. Since then, she has scoured the flea markets of France and the United States picking up amulets for her modern-looking signet rings, monogrammed pendants and delicate necklaces. While stylish shops like Calypso and Lisa Kline have always stocked her precious jewels, in 2007 her cult-like following encouraged Dessemond to open her own shop, ginette_ny Jewelry Bar, located in New York’s trendy West Village. So whether running for office or running for the most stylish woman in the room, you’ll feel like the first lady every time you wear one of ginette_ny’s gems.

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