Spoiled Pretty reader, Jaime, wrote me with the following plea for help:

“What product can I use to line the waterline on my lower eye? I like the look of liner on the lower waterline, but I can’t seem to find a product that works! When I use eye shadow with an eyeliner brush, it looks great, but the shadow seems to irritate my eyes when it inevitably gets in them a little bit. I’m looking for a product that is white – to make my eyes appear larger, and make me look well rested – but I just can’t find anything! Help! What do you use?”

I tend to stay up very late, writing stories to keep y’all entertained…so I know a thing or two about faking 8-hours of beauty sleep. When I need to look bright eyed and bushy tailed, I turn to .

Trae Bodge, Creative Director and Co-Founder of Three Custom Color Specialists, shares a product suggestion to make eyes look brighter, whiter and more beautiful.

Dear Jamie,

Great question! Using a light shade on the inner rim of the eyes does make the eyes look wider, brighter and less glassy by concealing the pink that naturally occurs there (and that can be more pronounced the more tired we are). Pencil is your best bet, as eye shadow can tend to flake off into the eye.

White has been the standby for years, but as of late makeup artists and beauty junkies have been using a flesh-colored pencil as it achieves the same goal but doesn’t look stark like white pencil can. We recommend our makeup artist staple, Three Custom Color Specialist’s Clarifier Pencil, available in Light and Dark $16.50. Easy to apply, water resistant, and great for use as a spot concealer, brow definer and highlighter anywhere on the face!

Jaime, Trae will be sending you the Clarifier Pencil…and she promises it will be an eye-opening experience! Many thanks to Trae and Three Custom Color Specialists for participating in this installment of Words From The Wise.

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