As you know, I’m a handbag fiend. Despite the fact that this site is (technically) a beauty blog, I spend a good amount of time introducing you to some pretty purses. But I’m an equal opportunity blogger, which is why I feel compelled to also address one of the fuglier purses I’ve seen in a while: the Miche Bag.

Have you seen this thing? The Miche Bag has interchangeable covers that attach with industrial-strength magnets, so you can change the look of your bag to match your tacky-ass outfit.

I’ll give it to the creators…it’s a creative idea. It’s just a shame that the final product looks so cheap. I mean, the pleather appears to be so bargain basement that I could imagine, if your bag got dirty, you’d just wipe it down with some Windex and be on your way. And you know if it looks bad on TV, it’s gonna look a hot mess when it’s all up in your grill.

If you’re looking for a bag that offers more than just one look, might I suggest Gwen Versatile Handbags? Gwen purses transform with multiple looks, textures, and styles. Hailed as must-haves by celebrities (Oprah digs them), Gwen handbags give their wearer the ability to create her own style.

I own a gray and silver Gwen clutch that was created exclusively for Avon (not the one seen above), and I luvre it.

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