Whatever Happened To Ultima II?

ultima+II+glowtion Whatever Happened To Ultima II?

I might be showing my age with this question…but can I ask, whatever happened to Ultima II? Back in the day, that shiz was my jam. Ultima II was one of my first forays into prestige makeup and I was obsessed. I had this one brown matte lipstick (hey, it was the mid-nineties) that I wore down to a nub. And don’t get me started on their Glowtion Skin Brightening Moisturizer.

And when the line popped up at my local CVS, I thought I had died and gone to heaven. Then it died.

ultima+II+lipstick Whatever Happened To Ultima II?

A recent Google search turned up a ton of online retailers still hocking Ultima II cosmetics…which leaves me wondering if Revlon is still secretly producing these products, or if the online stores are selling old stock.

Ah, Ultima II…thanks for the memories.

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12 Responses to Whatever Happened To Ultima II?

  1. Jessica

    OMG…I love the ultima II Glowtion too…have you ever found something similar? I think I am going to Sally Beauty Supply today to look around for a similar product.

  2. Kate

    I used the Ultima II Skin Brightening Lotion for years but am unable to locate it and am on my last bottle. I found one site selling a bottle for $205 -ridiculous! As an alternative try Jouer Luminizing Moisture Tint with SPF 20. It comes in 5 shades, light to a very deep, and costs under $40. I have ordered it and it is on it’s way. If you want to wait, I will post if it is similar. I am fairly sure it will be.

  3. arlene

    I am down to the last compact of Ultima II The Nakeds blush. Over fifteen years ago I discovered a cache of Ultima II The Nakeds blush and purchased the entire stock. I have not found anything since that gives a natural cheek color like this product.

  4. Diane W

    I loved the lipstick color “Maribou Rose”
    that Ultima used to sell..haven’t found anything better yet. Miss the line!

  5. Margaret Campbell

    Is Ultima II Under Makeup Moisture Lotion and CHR Lotion Concentrate Ultima II still being made. If so, how can I get these products? I haven’t had any luck on the internet. Are they under a different name now? If the products have been discontinued, will you give me the names of comparable products?

  6. Sarah G

    Ultima II was the bomb for their loose powder! Can’t find anything like it anymore. I bought out their last line at Beauty Rose.com, which continued to sell UII for awhile. Sure wish they would bring this line back!

  7. sabrina

    You can find them all the time on ebay and amazon I have tons of it

  8. Margaret T

    I loved Ultima 11. I especially loved there lipstick glazed brownberry. Does anyone know where I can find a tube. I’ve never found anything close.

  9. db

    It is verrry old stock being sold online!

  10. Barbara Plowden

    Has anyone found any primer that is close to Ultima II under it all which they no longer make. It was so good and I used it for years.

  11. puddin

    wouldn’t Revlon be able to obtain the Ultima ll formulas, and bring back some of the great favorites, especially the Lotion Concentrate!

  12. JB

    I contacted Revlon about advice for comparable product to Ultimate Coverage but have not had a reply. The only one I saw advertised was not the correct shade and was a whopping $189.00. Have tried recommendations from salespeople at cosmetic counters, wasted money…
    Surely somebody out there must make something comparable.