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Hi Mario,

I have no cheekbones…like, at all. How do I create the illusion of them with makeup? If this helps, I have a long face, moderate/small facial features and red undertones w/ a medium-brown complexion. Thanks!


Hi Melonie,

Thanks for visiting!

To create the illusion of cheekbones, you will need a few products. This is one of my favorite “steps” in a makeup application because it looks great on almost every face. Start out using a matte bronzer a few shades darker than your skin. Apply the bronzer with a brush onto the hollows of your cheeks blending towards the center of the ear. Sweep a highlighter (a golden sheer, shimmery shade) right above the bronzer or on top of the cheekbone. The area with the highlight will pop out and the hollows will appear deeper, creating the illusion of cheekbones. To prevent a ruddy or messy look on the skin, be sure to powder first.

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