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Hello Mario!

I have a roman nose with the classic bump on the bridge. I’ve been searching on how to minimize this problem, but can only find tips on how to minimize a wide or long nose. I understand that dark recedes and light makes things more pronounced. I got so frustrated with my lack of contouring skills that I decided to cancel out my whole nose and just shade the whole thing. Boy was that a mistake – haha. For some reason my nose was even more pronounced! Can you offer a some kind of makeup suggestion for this beak of mine? Thank you so much, and I love your work!


Hi Susan,

I’m no stranger to the beak, especially being of Albanian decent! My mother and father both actually have “the roman nose,” as do so many men and women in eastern Europe. Unfortunately, makeup will not make such a big difference in decreasing the bump on the bridge. You will see best results in a photo once contoured properly rather than in person. Here’s how to give your self a mini nose job…

You were right about dark shades receding and lighter shades emphasizing and bringing things out. Keep that in mind and with a small shadow brush, apply your lighter shade below and above the bump in the center. Make sure the bump is matte and with the darker, matte shade, very lightly sweep over it. There should be no harsh lines visible. Again, using the darker shade, you’re now going to apply it to the tip of the nose that hangs downward so when you’re looking straight at yourself in the mirror it should appear as if your nose ends where the dark shadow on the tip begins. Contouring takes a lot of practice so I advise that you try this out many times before you go out. Good luck!

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