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Dear Mario,

I hope this message finds you well. I know you’re super busy so I’ll jump right in with my question for you. For years I’ve seen woman in magazines with a glossy eye makeup and I want to try this look on me but don’t even know where to begin. I read once that Vaseline works over a normal shadow and when I tried it on myself it lasted all of about 10 minutes before getting into my eyes and on my lashes. Please help me with a product recommendation or one of your genius techniques so my eyes too can be glossy like the magazine models!



There are several ways to get a glossy effect on your eyelids. I’ve done this look many times through the years and it’s gorgeous when done the right way. I have also experimented with a few techniques and products. The simplest way to get your lids looking glossy is to use an eye gloss. Here’s what you do – first apply shadow primer or concealer to the lids and set with loose powder. This will even out the color of your lids and help the eye gloss to last longer by preventing your oils and the actual gloss from mixing together and eventually making a mess on your pretty eyes.

You must try the Jane Iredale Eye Gloss. It comes in a little tube with a wand applicator in several shades. Just apply it directly to your lids and that’s pretty much it! No need to add several products. This eye gloss is great because it’s not overly glossy and it doesn’t crease or run at all.

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