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Hi Mario,
I have sparse eyebrows, but I love the look of thick eyebows (like Camilla Belle’s). Do you have tips for filling in sparse brows so that they still look believable? Every time I try, I feel like the color is off or I’m too heavy-handed with the application – and the result isn’t realistic. Application and product suggestions are much appreciated.
Thanks a ton!
Hi Eryn,

You should start out by filling in your brows with a brow pencil that is lighter then your hair. I recommend a pencil that has a very thin tip like MAC’s Eye Brows pencils. Fill in the inner corners of the brows with light upward strokes to mimic natural brow hairs and continue towards the outer corners. It’s very important that you brush through the brows a couple of times to blend and soften the pencil. Next you should fill them in again with a eye shadow, using a thin slanted brow brush. The powder shadow should be very similar in color to the pencil (don’t go much darker) because it will darken once it’s over the pencil. Brush through and blend again. The layering of the light pencil and light powder blended into your brows should create a natural looking texture.

For those of you who once upon a time had a full brow, tweezed and waxed them for years and now can’t grow them back, I sometimes recommend using Rogaine on the eye brows every night before bedtime. Results are not guaranteed but it does work on many women after continued use. Give it a try.

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