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Hi Mario!

Your tips and tricks have absolutely changed the way I do my makeup – for the better, of course (beautyblender, anyone?). But there is one major thing that I’m still struggling with. I love MAC’s liner in Smolder and the way it looks when I use it on my waterline and to line my lower lid, but it doesn’t seem to last more than 20 minutes without smudging, running and going everywhere. This goes for most of the pencil liners I’ve tried, I just can’t figure out how to make that look stay put. Any help you can offer is truly appreciated.

Thanks so much!

Hi Lola,

I’m so glad to hear that my tips have changed the way you do makeup! That makes me very happy – so thank you for that! So many women write me with the same issue that you’re having, so listen up lovely ladies! To prevent your eyeliner (in the waterline/along lower lashes) from smudging down your face, you must create a barrier using makeup.

Apply concealer under the eyes and blend it out. The next step is most important – dip a sponge in a little bit of translucent loose power and press it directly over the concealer to set it. Use a clean brush to sweep away the loose powder under the eyes. This should do the trick for you as the concealer and powder will not allow the liner to smudge down past the lashes.

To better understand it, think of flood for example. If water is coming toward your front door and leave the door open, the water will come in. If you take sand bags and build a little wall, the water will not be able to get in your front door. The concealer and powder together act as the sand bags. I hope this helps!

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