Makeup Mondays With Mario: Don’t Make Me Matte

mmwmd Makeup Mondays With Mario: Dont Make Me Matte
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Hi Mario,

I have really dry skin so I am not really a fan of matte foundations. I always use foundations that give me a radiant, dewy glow – however every time I set my foundation with my compact powder, I lose my glow and my skin gets matte and dull. It looks dry all over again which makes me not want to set my foundation. Is there a way I can set everything without losing the glow?


powder+puff Makeup Mondays With Mario: Dont Make Me Matte


The reason you’re looking matte and probably muddy is because you’re using a compact powder to set your foundation! You should always set your base using loose powder.

Pressed powders usually have too much coverage to use over a foundation, not to mention all the additional ingredients that are used to make the powder into a pressed compact. They’re great for touchups throughout the day or for areas that need more coverage.

Try setting your makeup with a loose powder. They come in translucent and even light reflecting formulas so your skin will maintain the glow. I prefer using a velour puff to apply the powder evenly and set your foundation.

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