How To Wear 4 Scarves 16 Different Ways

spoiled pretty how to wear a scarf How To Wear 4 Scarves 16 Different WaysI love scarves and wear one almost every day. But I’m stuck in a rut because I only know two ways to wear them. Despite my best intentions, they end up looking haphazardly thrown on and I get a case of scarf envy every time I pass a girl on the street who obviously knows how style one.

So I was very excited to find this video on Watch and learn how to tie four scarves four very different ways for a total of 16 easy, ultra-chic looks.

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2 Responses to How To Wear 4 Scarves 16 Different Ways

  1. Ellen

    Love this :)

    I just happened to find your blog/site when looking for a pic of the Hanae Mori Butterfly ring and found something extra.

    Thanks for the great find!

  2. Muriel

    Thank you so much for posting this. I always agonize over what to do with scarves, /especially/ square scarves.