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A recent conversation about the importance of sun protection with my coworker got me thinking about my favorite products. First I should say that I am an American Cancer Society alum. Working there gave me a generally heightened awareness of the importance of sunscreen. However, it was my father in law’s skin cancer diagnosis last summer that really made me a passionate advocate for taking care of your body’s armor.

I’m Italian, and in generally don’t burn too easily. However, I make it a point to never leave the house without sunscreen at least on my face. Even if I’m just going to the office which, let’s be real, is usually the case. I have had a long standing love affair with Neutrogena products spanning about 15 years since I started using their Deep Clean cleanser and Healthy Skin moisturizer with SPF 15. I turned 30 this past January (EEEK!), so I recently switched to Healthy Skin Anti-Wrinkle, which also has SPF 15. It makes putting on sunscreen a no-brainer. Plus, as you may or may not know, sunscreen is the best anti-aging product you can use! When I’m going to be outside longer (like if I’m running, at a BBQ or down the shore), I like to use Banana Boat Sport Faces SPF 30. This is a non-comedogenic formula, so it won’t clog pores. It’s a cream, so it’s not as convenient the spray on sunscreens, but I find it doesn’t cause breakouts, so I’m sticking with it! When applying, always make sure to get your eyelids, ears and lips.

Another place people sometimes forget is their scalp. Wearing a hat or bandana is a good option, of course, but what if you want to look cute with a new hairdo? Paul Mitchell Color Protect Locking Spray has been my old standby. Not only does it protect my color, it contains sunscreen so it protects my scalp. Your hair is a natural shield, but you can still get burned through it. Especially on your part.

Next I get my spray on (sunscreen, not suntan – as much as I love Snooki, the Jersey Shore look is not for this Jersey girl). As I mentioned above, spray sunscreen makes application easy-peasy. I like Target’s Up and Up brand. It costs less than the name brand products, but in my experience works just as well. It’s not waterproof, so of course re-applying after swimming or sweating a lot is necessary, but really you should be doing that anyway. I use this product from the neck down. The spray can sometimes make a bit of a mess (and if you have a non-carpeted floor can be SLIPPERY!) so I like to lay a towel down and then spray away. Not to get too TMI, but you should really be spraying the sunscreen on in your birthday suit. That way you don’t miss any spots (zebra stripes on clothes and accessories never go out of style, but on skin it’s not so cute).

So that’s it. It may seem like a lot of steps, but having healthy, wrinkle free skin is worth it, IMO. Unless of course you LIKE the Tanning Bed Mom look…


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