This mineral powder make up system is something that I have heard about for a long time, but was never really interested in trying. My routine of L’Oreal True Match foundation (as concealer) and all over pressed powder worked just fine, and was both convenient and easy.

Recently, my skin decided to completely revolt. My skin is usually normal to combination, I break out in the usual sweaty T-zone places, with the occasional stress zit thrown in for good measure. Suddenly, I was getting dry patches where I am usually oily, being oily where I am usually normal, and was breaking out all over the place for no reason. Fantastic. Though this has been a wicked summer (100+ degree heat wave, anyone?), I knew that I had to change what I was putting on my face every day.

Enter Bare Minerals. I got a starter kit that included a concealer brush, a buffing brush, concealer, foundation, and mineral veil. I was totally skeptical. How was this powder possibly going to cover my dark circles and other imperfections? Wouldn’t I just sweat it off immediately? Was it really going to stick to my face at all in the first place?

I applied concealer under my eyes, and across any breakouts that needed covering. I then buffed the mineral foundation onto my skin, brushing in small circles. I used the equivalent of two “coats” – going over each area twice with a newly dipped brush. I then applied mineral veil, a translucent powder that was supposed to magically keep this all in place.

I used this system for two weeks, and wasn’t really impressed. I craved more coverage from the concealer, and I just didn’t feel like I was getting the matte finish that I was used to. So, I went back to L’Oreal True Match, which was more convenient for me.

Lo and behold, my face freaked out again. I immediately went back to Bare Minerals, and noticed that the general quality of my skin improved within a week or two. It broke out less, and my skin felt softer. With less breakouts, there were less spots to cover (one of my earlier issues with the system), and it took less time to apply as I got more practice.

I knew that I was a convert when a woman complimented me on my beautiful skin, on the street. That NEVER happens!

One negative about Bare Minerals is that unlike liquid foundation or pressed powder, it gets everywhere. I have black marble counters in my bathroom, and these days they are covered in a light, skin-colored dust at all times.

I absolutely suggest Bare Minerals if you are looking to improve the quality of your skin, and are fine with a medium-commitment product. It involves brushes and extra steps – and can’t be pulled out of your purse for a quick touch up. Also, this exists at a slightly higher price point, $70 for full-size containers of foundation, mineral veil, and concealer. With my use, I predict that the foundation and mineral veil will last about two months, and the concealer much longer.

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