My skin has been in serious need of detox. My pores are perpetually clogged – it’s like my face is the IT hangout for blackheads. So when I saw the Boscia Black Luminizing Mask on QVC a few months ago (it’s no longer sold there), the demonstration was so compelling that I bought a bottle.

The mask – made with “premier-quality clay” – promises to draw out deeply lodged dirt and oil, exfoliate, shrink pores, firm skin and reduce inflammation. But does it actually deliver? You betcha! As Wesley Snipes said in Passenger 57, “Always bet on black.”

Before I apply, I like to exfoliate my skin with my Clarisonic. The instructions don’t suggest you do that, but I find that exfoliating helps the mask ‘get all up in there,’ so to speak. Next, I apply an even layer (not too much, but not too little) to my clean, dry skin. It’s important to avoid your eyebrows, hairline and lips. Also avoid your eye area by applying below orbital bone. Then you let that baby dry for 15 to 20 minutes. I’ll admit that for the first couple of minutes, it makes my eyes tear up a tiny bit (my eyes are sensitive); but after that, I’m totally fine. Once the mask is completely dry, it takes on a rubberized quality – and you remove it by peeling off from the outer edges.

Boscia Luminizing Black Mask aftermath

As you’re peeling off, be sure to look at the side of the mask that was in contact with your skin. You’ll be able to see all of the impurities that the mask sucked out of your pores. Here’s the best way to describe this product: you know how you always wished for a giant Biore strip for your entire face? Well, this is basically it. Plus, you’ll also notice that, post-mask, your skin feels tighter/firmer and brighter.

The Boscia Black Luminizing Mask is among my all-time favorite skin care products. To see the full list, click here.

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